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IT Due Diligence Assessment: Don’t Forget to Ask These Questions

Start your journey to IT Due Diligence with the right questions. Our assessment is here to help you get started. Download it today.

Creating a Robust IT Vendor Management Strategy

We cover the importance of an IT vendor management strategy to streamline processes, boost efficiencies, control costs and reduce risks inherent to IT.

What Is a Deputy CIO and Do You Need One for Your Organization?

Is your CIO suffering from burnout from all of their duties, from driving strategy to managing IT responsibilities? A Deputy CIO might be the solution.

How to Improve Your IT Maturity, Especially Now

IT maturity is the crux of an organization's success. When a company is strategic about plans for increasing its IT skillset, it leads to happy customers.

Why the CIO Role Needs a Mentor

A CIO mentor is a great way to boost your professional development and learn from someone who can help you grow into your position as an IT leader.

A Strong CIO and PMO Relationship Is a Win-Win Strategy

We share why your CIO and PMO relationship is vital to your business, and how working together strengthens your business strategies.

Our Seattle Team Hosted a CIO Roundtable With Local Tech Leaders to Discuss the Effects of the Pandemic

We share some insights from a recent SIM Seattle CIO roundtable. Our panel of female technology leaders expressed concern about the pandemic’s effects.

Talent Retention in a Hybrid Workplace World

We share insights from the latest CIO meet-up, including their thoughts on moving forward with the hybrid workplace.

IT Leaders Respond to Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

We partnered with Expedient to survey IT leaders about how they view their companies' responses to how they handled rapid changes due to the pandemic.

The Final 3 Steps: How to Ensure a Successful Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Now that you’ve learned the importance of due diligence during a M&A, you need to know the importance of a successful IT post-merger integration (PMI).

2 Steps to Conducting IT Due Diligence

In part two of our due diligence blog series, we lay out the essential elements of conducting an IT due diligence assessment.

Why Are Business Processes and IT Important Components of Due Diligence?

In this first blog of our technical due diligence series, we explain why IT and business process assessments are essential to due diligence.