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Application Rationalization: Creating a Healthy Digital Landscape

Application rationalization is an important step in maintaining the digital health of your company. We share how you can rein in your apps.

IT Due Diligence Assessment: Don’t Forget to Ask These Questions

Start your journey to IT Due Diligence with the right questions. Our assessment is here to help you get started. Download it today.

Creating a Robust IT Vendor Management Strategy

We cover the importance of an IT vendor management strategy to streamline processes, boost efficiencies, control costs and reduce risks inherent to IT.

What Is a Deputy CIO and Do You Need One for Your Organization?

Is your CIO suffering from burnout from all of their duties, from driving strategy to managing IT responsibilities? A Deputy CIO might be the solution.

How to Improve Your IT Maturity, Especially Now

IT maturity is the crux of an organization's success. When a company is strategic about plans for increasing its IT skillset, it leads to happy customers.

Why the CIO Role Needs a Mentor

A CIO mentor is a great way to boost your professional development and learn from someone who can help you grow into your position as an IT leader.

A Strong CIO and PMO Relationship Is a Win-Win Strategy

We share why your CIO and PMO relationship is vital to your business, and how working together strengthens your business strategies.

Our Seattle Team Hosted a CIO Roundtable With Local Tech Leaders to Discuss the Effects of the Pandemic

We share some insights from a recent SIM Seattle CIO roundtable. Our panel of female technology leaders expressed concern about the pandemic’s effects.

Talent Retention in a Hybrid Workplace World

We share insights from the latest CIO meet-up, including their thoughts on moving forward with the hybrid workplace.

IT Leaders Respond to Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

We partnered with Expedient to survey IT leaders about how they view their companies' responses to how they handled rapid changes due to the pandemic.

The Final 3 Steps: How to Ensure a Successful Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Now that you’ve learned the importance of due diligence during a M&A, you need to know the importance of a successful IT post-merger integration (PMI).

2 Steps to Conducting IT Due Diligence

In part two of our due diligence blog series, we lay out the essential elements of conducting an IT due diligence assessment.