Centric Consulting - Business Relationship Management (BRM) Part 4

Evolve Your Culture of Collaboration With Business Relationship Management

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Maureen Jesuthasan

Maureen Jesuthasan

Centric Alumni

Maureen has over 20 years of consulting and industry experience managing the strategy and execution of high-profile, complex technology transformations. She has a passion for helping clients tackle difficult problems and achieve operational efficiency through Agile, IT Service Management, Lean IT and Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma best practices. Maureen lives in Chicago and enjoys walks around the lake with her husband and caring for her urban garden.

What is Business Relationship Management and How Can it Help Your Organization?

Key Traits of Strong Leaders of Business Transformation

How Using Business Relationship Management Helps Build Partnerships

Are you ready to learn more about how business relationship management drives value, builds partnerships and evolves culture? Our experts can help you cultivate shared ownership, embrace innovation and continuously optimize your teams and business.

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