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About the Authors
Anthony Lung

Tony Lung is the National Tech Lead for Machine Learning and Data Science. He has over 20 years of experience helping Fortune 200 companies discover and capture sustainable value using Data Science, Six Sigma, Change Leadership, and Information Technology. His experience spans multiple industries including insurance, healthcare, financial services, energy & utilities, and US military.

Jeff Kanel

Jeff Kanel, a National Data & Analytics Practice Lead, is a business-oriented leader who brings more than 17 years of industry experience in IT project and team management. His background in statistical analysis, application development and the full data warehouse lifecycle gives him a distinct edge in managing a technical team.

He has performed in a variety of implementation roles ranging from hands-on BI implementation activities to strategic BI advisement. Jeff has a proven track record of partnering with business stakeholders to identify high-value opportunities and solutions to deliver on senior management priorities.

Jim Schaller

Jim Schaller has been in the IT & Management Consulting field for more than 20 years and, before his current role, specialized in clients in the utility industry and their billing systems. Jim is responsible for all the risk management items in the company. This mostly includes his involvement in all contracts with our clients and partners as well as tax and other compliance issues.


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