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Ruth Harrell

Ruth Harrell

Ruth Harrell | Senior Analyst | SSA: Client Services & Delivery

Magic Monday: Focusing on Unmatched Experiences

In this edition of Magic Monday, we share five areas that can help you smoothly create an unmatched experience for the people around you.

Magic Monday: Take a Step-By-Step Approach to Overcome Obstacles

In this Magic Monday, we look at four steps to take to identify and overcome obstacles in your day to day work and personal life.

Magic Monday: Making Changes to Go From Great to Unmatched

This Magic Monday, we share six tips to help you create unmatched experiences for the people in your life.

Magic Monday: Savoring the Memories

In this Magic Monday, we’re diving into an emotional technique called savoring, which can help improve productivity and happiness.

Magic Monday: Refresh and Renew

This Magic Monday, we celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and a season of renewal.

Magic Monday: Infusing Joy Into Work

This Magic Monday, we discuss how you can find joy in your daily life, starting with work. Follow these four tips.

Magic Monday: Planning to be Human

This Magic Monday, we share three ways we can plan to be human, addressing common pitfalls that keep up from meeting our goals.

Magic Monday: Building Trust

This Magic Monday, we dive into four steps you can take to build trust in your professional life, including fulfilling all your promises.

Magic Monday: The Gift of Thoughtful Giving

This Magic Monday, we share three things to remember when searching for a thoughtful and intentional gift this holiday season.

Magic Monday: Caught in the Chaos

During this busy season, it can be hard not to get caught up in the chaos of everything happening all at once.

Magic Monday: Recognizing and Recovering from Burnout

This Magic Monday, we reflect on the importance of addressing burnout. We discuss how you can notice the signs and take steps to recover.

Magic Monday: Harnessing Long-term Energy

Learn how to overcome lethargy and stay energized all week long by optimizing your weekends and incorporating strategies throughout the week.