5 Critical Considerations for Claims Data Conversion

Chad Caldwell, Centric’s National Insurance Practice Lead, was featured in Insurance Innovation Reporter today for his article on Claims Data Conversion. An excerpt of this article is below:

Measures carriers should take to control the magnitude and complexity of the data conversion portion of a new claims system implementation.

Your claims department is excited about the benefits of the new claims administration system you are planning to install. The demos went well, and now the hard work of planning your implementation and data conversion approach is about to begin. There are many decisions which must be made which affect the magnitude and complexity of the claims data conversion.

Do you convert only open claims, recently closed claims or all closed claims? How fast do you roll out the system? If you pilot new claims processing first, how long do you wait before you convert historical claims? Do you maintain the old system for inquiry purposes or retire it? How will you insure the accuracy of your statistical reporting if you convert open claims? How will you secure access to make sure no activity is performed on converted claims in the legacy system?

While project needs will vary by carrier and line of business, here are some things you should consider when planning the data conversion portion of your implementation:

Read the full article from Insurance Innovation Reporter here.