The mobile platform is no longer just a telephone used to make a phone call. Healthcare payors and providers, as well as life sciences and pharma companies, are re-imagining how they can use mobile to engage with patients, partners and employees.

Healthcare institutions are continually looking for ways to streamline processes, reduce costs and share information more effectively. The entire industry must also balance the constant tension of providing the latest advancements in care with the simultaneous pressure to minimize costs.

We believe the best mobile solutions in healthcare are not “shrink to fit” versions of existing EHR platforms. Rather, leading healthcare companies need easier-to-use, faster-time-to-market solutions that reduce costs and improve patient care by enabling clinicians to capture and utilize sensitive patient information faster and cheaper, with greater accuracy.

Mobile Healthcare Service Overview

We’re focused on providing healthcare clients with mobile solutions that work –regardless of user location or network connectivity – improve coordination of patient care, and streamline clinical work flows.

Our experts take a cross-functional approach to building mobile health solutions. Our project methodology is designed to engage clinicians, information technology, security and compliance teams in the design and development of mobile software and services.

We create customized solutions tailored to unique clinical work flows:

  • Patient Intake
  • Digitizing Paper-Based Clinical Forms
  • Electronic Signature
  • Emergency Medical Transport

We also develop integration services for your EHR systems of record to ensure data accuracy, privacy and compliance.