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Couch Convos: Exploring Innovation at CampIO 2022

In this episode of our podcast, we sit down with some of our finest innovators to discuss their ideas for this year’s CampIO.

Couch Convos: Inside Centric’s Innovation Lab

We sit down with a few members from our Innovation Lab to talk about their latest accomplishment – the Centric Virtual Assistant.

Innovation, Collaboration, Automation: Meet the Centric Virtual Assistant

We described how we enable disciplined innovation at Centric. Now, we’ll share how that process led to a new product, the Centric Virtual Assistant (CVA).

Inside Centric’s Discipline of Innovation

Centric Consulting has been building a culture of innovation. We’ve learned many lessons along the way, but mostly that innovation requires discipline.

Insurance Brokers: Embracing Digital Innovation Due to Changing Customer Expectations

Insurance brokers must adapt to appeal to their current and new customers. We look at a few ways the insurance industry can use digital innovation.

Journey into the Innovation Lab

On this episode of our Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we talk to Brian Sedor, head of our Centric Innovation Lab, about big ideas and what's next.

[Podcast] Cultivating an Innovation Culture

In this episode of the Centric Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we talk about the importance of innovation culture and the benefits it brings.

Optimizing IoT Costs While Using BlueBeak Beacon Technology

Implementing an IoT project is costly, but there are ways to save during the process. We look at cost optimization when setting up BlueBeak beacons.

BlueBeak and the ABCs of the Internet of Things

BlueBeak leverages AWS services to deliver a seamless platform providing location-based services for several industries.

Four Innovative Products Our People Have Created So Far

In 2017, we formally established our Innovation Advisory Team, designed to encourage innovation. This effort has led to multiple innovative products. 

Making the Connection Between the Customer and Innovation

We take a look at the intersection of the customer and innovation and offer you three activities to help you think critically about that connection as you embark on innovation pursuits.

Energy Rebate Company Makes Move to Faster Online System

Centric helped build a new incentive management system using agile for an energy rebate company to keep up with their changing business environment.