National Healthcare Clinical Lead Karla Schnell presented awards at the 5th Annual Comprehensive Healthcare Leadership Awards on Wednesday, August 3 at the Newport Syndicate in Newport, KY.

Centric co-sponsored the event hosted by Venue and LEAD Magazine. After opening remarks, three groups were presented with awards, which honor healthcare professionals “who strive to improve, not only the everyday lives of their patients and colleagues, but contribute to their community as well. Honorees aim to increase our quality of life while working toward the progression of the healthcare world.”

Healthcare Professionals are Honored for Individual Contributions

Before introducing the third group of honorees, Centric’s own Karla Schnell highlighted the importance of individual contributions by healthcare professionals.

“Healthcare continues to be a challenging but exciting environment. The changes continue at increased speed and the demands for service and the numbers to be served grow daily,” she said. “We cannot meet those demands if we don’t bring a creativity and fresh perspective to the table to develop solutions to our problems. It is an important field to all of us and one which requires the dedication and commitment you represent.”

More than 400 professionals attended the event, including hospital and health system medical and clinical professionals. Colleagues who joined Karla included National BPM Lead Darren Rehrer, Client Partnerships Senior Manager Kim Howland, Manager Damian Bolton, Cincinnati Practice Lead Steve Bernicke, Insurance Practice Senior Manager Dan Driscoll, Senior Consultant Brad Clark, and Andy Park. Honorees included: caregivers, volunteers, administrators, board leadership, support services, physicians, and innovators.

To qualify for the award, professionals must deliver “invaluable contributions” to the region and organization, while also possessing the personal leadership characteristics to help communities thrive.

“We share your passion, your mission of caring and commitment to the community,” said Karla. “We live and work in Cincinnati but it is much more than that, we strive to give back to the community and our clients, to build lifelong relationships built on trust, respect and collaboration.”

About Centric’s Healthcare Industry Experience

Karla also spoke about Centric’s deep experience and capabilities in the healthcare industry.

“Centric is a business and technology consulting firm that has been part of this community for 15 years,” she said. “We have a National Healthcare Practice that focuses on bringing process and technology to enable the process of care and improve clinical and operational efficiency and outcomes.”

Karla Schnell_SP15_jpgWant to learn more about the Healthcare Practice’s experience and capabilities? Contact Karla.