Karla Schnell

South Florida Healthcare Clinical Lead

Work Experience

Karla has more than 25 years of Healthcare experience. She is a clinical informatics professional with a background in nursing. She works with clients across the country and globally to strategize and develop solutions to clinical and operational process issues, often utilizing technology to address these challenges.

During the course of her career Karla has worked in direct clinical care both at the bedside as well as in clinical and hospital leadership. She has worked in the technology sector designing and implementing electronic health records and has been a consultant to healthcare clients in the Provider space.

Karla focuses on technology as an enabler to provide safe, quality care in an efficient manner. Karla was able to bring these insights to the design of The Hospital of the Future for a large healthcare system in Northern California.

Karla listens and works well with clients across the continuum – rural and remote settings, community hospitals, academic medical centers, ambulatory care centers and physician practices. She develops executable solutions to address problems and challenges in the healthcare environment.

Personal Statement

Karla is passionate about helping people and giving back. She has been fortunate to spend a lot of her time in Roatan, Honduras where she has had the opportunity to become very involved in the community. Karla and her husband bought a home in Roatan and spend as much time there as possible. Working to help bring education to the community, particularly around computers and the provision of healthcare, has been a wonderful experience for them. The people of Roatan are forever grateful for everything they do to help. Karla and her husband try to throw a Christmas Party each year for the Flowers Bay community that often draws more than 400 children. Helping others in need and bringing smiles to people’s faces is what energizes Karla.  Much of  the work Karla has been doing over the last 25 years feels like a dress rehearsal for the important work that needs to be done in her adopted hometown of Roatan.


  • B.N. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
  • R.N. Georgian College, Ontario, Canada