The Central Ohio (“Buckeye”) Chapter of the Data Management Association (DAMA) recently hosted their third quarter meeting. Featured speakers included: Centric’s Bill Klos, a Senior Architect and National Cloud Computing Practice Lead, and Mike Kaiser, a Senior Manager and Columbus Lead for Data & Analytics.

Bill’s topic: “NoSQL (What, Where, Why, When and How).” Mike’s topic: “Agile is Hard to do with Data Warehousing (And Still Worth It).”highres_433564685_dama

Jeff Kanel, President of Buckeye DAMA President Jeff Kanel called the event a “huge success.”

“Centric’s speakers delivered relevant, interesting content in an engaging manner,” Kanel added. “Our members were energized, asking questions and discussing concepts with the speakers throughout the morning.”

About Bill’s Presentation

Different problems require different tools for solving them. Everyone has a hammer and having a toolbox full of differently sized hammers is not the best approach. As data needs morph from “a single source of the truth” to “a single source of the truth based on a particular perspective,” understanding the best tool for each of those perspectives is key to providing the best access and understanding to those data needs.

In this presentation, NoSQL (or schema-less) data stores were discussed and how each of them is targeted towards specific problems. Additionally, Bill examined architectural traits of systems that lend themselves to distributed data and how NoSQL can help implement those types of designs.

Bill’s career has spanned many aspects of computing and at times has architected solutions from the perspective of data, networking, enterprise, and security – but is primarily an application architect. Most recent experience has him providing solutions around Mobility, Cloud, and Big Data architectures as well as API design and development. Bill has been involved with technology since abandoning his desire to be a real architect and stumbling into his first computer science class in 1985. Since then he has typically pushed companies into “what’s next”. Contact Bill.

About Mike’s Presentation

Agile approaches to software development have flourished under object-oriented approaches to software. Being able to deliver business value frequently (monthly, weekly, daily) has been made technically possible due to continuous integration, unit test frameworks, smaller pieces of code, collective code ownership, and frequent refactoring. Moving in the same direction is possible within data warehousing environments, but presents different challenges.

Mike has been involved in Columbus area IT for 15 years. Not only is he the Data and Analytics Lead, but he’s also an Agile Coach. Mike serves on the board at the Central Ohio Agile Association (COHAA). Mike’s career has been about maximizing business outcomes via IT, and his passion to bring lightweight and collaborative software approaches to teams has resulted from that. Contact Mike.

About Buckeye DAMA

The Central Ohio “Buckeye” Chapter of the Data Management Association is a part of an DAMA International whose primary purpose is to promote the understanding, development and practice of managing information and data as a key enterprise asset.

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