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Insurance Marketing Operations

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The rise of new entrants and innovations are introducing significant disruption and change to the insurance industry. The way customers communicate and consume information is also changing.

Insurance marketing efforts need to ensure that agents and brokers can distribute on-brand, targeted messages to the right customers, in the right way, at the right time.

Turn all of your agents into marketing all-stars with Centric Consulting’s Insurance Marketing Operations.

Our Insurance Marketing Operations services improves marketing by

  • Generating more carrier to agent to customer touchpoints
  • Taking advantage of agent and policyholder data to map better customer journeys and experiences
  • Automating cross-sell and upsell
  • Utilizing marketing automation to enable precise communication to customers while making use of segmentation and behavior to deliver on-topic materials
  • Increasing agent retention
  • Attracting more customers at a lower cost

Insurance Marketing Strategies

We partner with you to take a multi-faceted approach to modernizing and operationalizing your marketing efforts. Here’s how we can help you simplify and streamline your insurance marketing strategies:

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Campaign Definition & Design

You define your marketing goals. We work with your marketing team to create customer journeys and campaigns that deliver the desired business outcomes.

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Campaign Execution

You invest in a marketing automation platform. We make sure it works across all systems, teams, products and customer sets so that we can build, launch and monitor campaigns, operationalizing your marketing efforts across all channels.

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Data Modeling & Analysis

You define the metrics that measure success. We build quality data models, perform segmentations and create customized performance and ROI reporting dashboards.

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Systems Integration

You show us how your systems need to work together. We integrate your marketing automation platform with other tools in your technology stack to best leverage your existing capabilities, assets, and investments.

How Can Insurance Marketing Operations Benefit Your Business?

By partnering with our Marketing Operations experts, your insurance company can better align marketing and sales to improve your bottom line.

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Personalize Customer Interactions

Learn to segment your audience and customize communications based on an individual’s specific characteristics, leverage agent and policyholder data to drive engagement and retention, and enable role-specific (agent & policyholder) user journeys

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Market Smarter With Analytics

Seamlessly integrate CRMs and other marketing systems to store and view your marketing data in one place. In addition, gain a better understanding of what your customers want and how they prefer to consume information, and see comprehensive and measurable marketing analytics to strengthen ROI.

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Update an Antiquated Sales Model

Work to bridge the gap between corporate marketing and your agents. Give agents access to better marketing assets (content and creative) and better brand your marketing messages.

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Grow Profits

See the conversion of marketing leads to sales. Meanwhile, reduce commissions through carrier-owned marketing campaigns and yield a greater return on marketing automation platform investment.


Our Unique, Insurance-Specific Approach

Insurance agents need access to data and messages that allow them to reach new customers in new ways. With our approach to insurance marketing operations, you can:

  • Connect corporate marketing with agents, and both of them with customers
  • Centralize content, data, compliance and reports that agents can use to personalize and manage their marketing outreach efforts
  • Receive analytical insights from those marketing efforts that your corporate team can use to make future campaigns even stronger

Become Marketing Mavens

Partner with us and we’ll help you improve your digital marketing strategies, increase agent to customer interactions, and gain a greater number of new customers.

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