Welcome to my Blog

As I’ve contemplated initiating my blogging career, I’ve attempted to zero in on a specific theme or topic.  But over the years I’ve been given the opportunity to do many things in Information Technology (IT) world from IT Strategy to data center building, from custom application development to package systems installations, from program management to product marketing, from enterprise architecture to application architecture.

And as I contemplate the value I bring to my clients it’s more likely the sum total of my broad experience, as opposed to super deep expertise in any one area.

I also enjoy a busy and full life outside of work.  As I’ve grown older, I’ve also become increasingly convinced that work lessons frequently transfer into my after work life and vice versa.  And in today’s always-on and always-connected world the boundary between work and after work is frequently blurred.  I’ve found that compartmentalizing the two does not work for me.  I choose the integrated life.

So, I’ve decided to call my Blog the “IT Life”.  I’ll talk about my experiences living in the world of IT, with an occasional digression into how it affects the bigger picture experience of living out your life on the planet.  Maybe over time there will be more clarity and focus, we’ll see.

I welcome your comments and feedback at any time.

Mike Brannan