The New Kid on the Blog

Mike has graciously allowed me to post on Centrivibe under two conditions: I post regularly (once a week or so), and that I don’t make fun of him. I said no problem, as I am not short on opinions or observations (just short of people to care) and as I have other blogging outlets where I can make fun of him, refraining from doing so here should be a relatively simple obstacle to overcome.Over the next several months, we’ll be discussing a lot topics including:

  • The Real Definition of Web 2.0 (multi-part series);
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve;
  • GTD;
  • Bad Business Models;
  • Beautiful Code (at least my definition);
  • Defining Yourself based on a Platform;
  • Learning A New Language (can you guess what’s next?);
  • Changing from Stripes to Spots;
  • Client Environment Issues & Workarounds;
  • What the Hell is a Gutsy Gibbon?
  • My 52-week Education Plan.

There will be plenty of other things as well like methodology, information presentation, personal productivity (outside of GTD), some of which you may have already seen here. As always, feel free to comment and I’m not above calling you out if you don’t.