The Cloud Marches On

Amazon has upped the anti in the cloud hosted database wars.  They have recently expanded their Relational Database Service (RDS) to include Oracle’s 11g Release 2.  Previously their RDS offerings were exclusively based on the MySQL database.  Certainly this will help Amazon compete with Microsoft’s Azure cloud deployment of SQL  Server.

RDS has been a creative model from the get-go.  But team Amazon / Oracle have been innovative in allowing an RDS customer to BYOL – Bring Your Own Oracle License resulting in a lower hourly run time cost.  For example, if you choose to buy a Large Oracle DB Instance from Amazon and do not have a license it will cost you $0.44 / hour.  If you BYOL there’s a one time set up fee of $2,400 but the hourly rate drops to $0.24 / hour.

More information on RDS is available here:

It will be interesting to see how small, innovative companies use these big-co compute capabilities to bring new ideas to market fast.

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Mike Brannan