Comfort zones feel good and are easy to cling to. They provide a safe haven from having to deal with even more.

Be it at home, at work or elsewhere, sticking to our comfort zone is always tempting. But real growth happens only when we challenge ourselves constantly.

From dawn to dusk, we have several opportunities to move the needle forward by learning and growing in areas that feel like a stretch. Only by challenging ourselves can we be bold, make mistakes, learn how to fix them – and come out of the situation better than how we started.

There is nothing better than competing with ourselves to become a better version of who we are with every passing day. While others can lead, motivate, challenge, direct or push us, we can only get greater results if the motivation to do better comes from within.

Regardless of whether we are learning a new skill, taking on a new role, meeting new people or simply trying to do whatever we do better, when we put deep thought into evaluating ourselves and identifying improvement areas – only then we can consistently evolve towards our goals.

While it may seem like a lot of work to challenge ourselves, it’s easier than we think. We can break things down into smaller steps, and work towards intermediate goals that add up to substantial accomplishments over time.

To do:

  • Find one or more areas in your life where you know you can do better. Identify opportunities for improvement in the identified areas and challenge yourself to meet your goals.
  • Be bold. Try new things, do not fear failure, adapt when needed and ensure you are constantly learning and growing.
  • Make it a habit to challenge yourself constantly.