I’m Not Technical

Pet peeve time.

If you were a doctor, would you tell a patient that you’re “not scientific?”  If you were a politician, would you tell voters you’re “not eloquent?”  If you were a teacher would you tell your students “I’m not good with people?”  Of course not, you’d be admitting a real shortcoming in your abilities to do your job.

I’ve always been baffled when someone I’m working with in an IT organization admits that they are “not technical” in an effort to set expectations about their ability to perform a certain task.

Frankly, this is unacceptable, or maybe just un-wise.  If you’re doing technical work, and you have gaps in your knowledge, then you should be working to fill them.

A much better approach “I’m no expert here, but am working to get smarter.”

I welcome your comments,
Mike Brannan