Google Code

Given the onset of summer, vacations, and of course the never-ending pulse of running a consulting business the frequencies of my posts has diminished.  Apologies for that.  Rather than fret about this, how about a quick one.

An increasing number of Centric’s software architects are utilizing and getting excited about Google Code (

It’s really quite a nice resource with lots of useful widgets, code samples, API definitions all clearly organized and easy to find.  The ones Centric finds most useful include:

  • Google Web Toolkit  (GWT) – With GWT, you write your AJAX front-end in the Java programming language which GWT then cross-compiles into optimized JavaScript that automatically works across all major browsers. When you’re ready to deploy, GWT compiles your Java source code into optimized, standalone JavaScript files.  All this is nicely facilitated by an Eclipse plug in.
  • API & Tools – links to all of Google’s APIs including AJAX, Calendar, Checkout, Maps, Search, Ads, Earth, etc. – all of their products.
  • Code Playground – code samples for utilizing popular functions for above mentioned products, very well organized and easy to navigate – quick to find what you’re looking for.

We’re also very excited about Google’s App Engine.  Centric is in the process of commercializing a number of products.  One product, designed to better manage resumes, is being developed to be cloud-deployable. App Engine offers a complete development stack that uses familiar Java technologies to build and host web applications and is fully integrated with GWT.  We love this model because if our product sells well (as we expect it will) we can easily add more servers / computing power to run our application on Google’s App Engine.  True Cloud Computing.

We’re also using Google’s Project Hosting to store several of our project’s source code (including the resume application described above).  Project Hosting on Google Code gives you: instant project creation on any topic, subversion code hosting with 1 gigabyte of storage space, integrated source code browsing and code review tools to make it easy to view code, review contributions, and maintain a high quality code base, and an issue tracker.

And there’s more good stuff out there.  But I’ll let you check it out.

I welcome your comments,
Mike Brannan