One of #CentricBoston’s leaders shares his story of finding balance in his favorite New England summer activity: Polo.

Balance may sound a bit cliché, but it’s important to our company.

We all appreciate the virtue of working hard and following through to accomplish something for our clients. While it drives us, we also seek balance in life and encourage everyone – our employees, clients, and partners to find fun outside of work.

I find balance in the summertime by attending my favorite pastime in New England: Newport International Polo.

I know you’re probably thinking polo seems like it may be pretentious and stuffy. But, I’m here to say it’s not at all. It’s laid-back and fun, I promise! You get to sit outside in the sun (hopefully), relax and enjoy the day while enjoying the equestrian sport (more on the history and game of Polo here).

In New England, there’s a match every Saturday at 5 pm that lasts into the evening, from June through September.

It’s the perfect event for a family, but just as enjoyable for a group of friends or a date. You can also go big and plan a group event.

What’s there not to love about a sport that makes it this easy to be a spectator:
  • “Picnics of food and beverage are welcome” Bring basically whatever you like – food, drinks (including alcohol for those over 21). From what I’ve seen over the years, tailgates are only constrained by your imagination.
  • If you prefer to show up empty-handed, they’ve got lots of concession options, too.
  • Tents, chairs, tables, grills and more are allowed.
  • Dogs are welcome and parking is free!
  • Fancy dress is not required, but lots of people have fun with their attire. Think linen, seersucker, hats and more.
  • Cost: $12 per adult (kids under 15 are free).

Plus, the match has live commentary by a voice that’s hard not love, William Crisp, the Highest Rated Amateur Player in Britain.

Newport Polo has this to say about Crisp, “… his biting English wit and sense of humor make him a formidable pundit and the omniscient nightmare of players who miss penalty shots. With colorful trivia and unbridled enthusiasm, he adds a contagious dose of entertainment for our audience.”

So for those close enough to Glen Farm on Route 138 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island (it’s still called Newport Polo even though it’s in Portsmouth), give it a shot on a Saturday afternoon this summer. I’ll be shocked if you’re disappointed and don’t find some peace in your hectic life.

How do you find balance in life? Share your stories in the comments below!

Originally Published on LinkedIn