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Brian Sedor

Brian Sedor is a practice leader in Boston, where he helps clients with strategic technology objectives as well as program and project execution. With extensive experience in information systems delivery, Brian has worked on process improvement and packaged software implementations.

Brian also contributes to our national focus on customer experience excellence, promoting the connection between Design Thinking, Startup Principles, Agile Delivery, and Start With Why. His enthusiasm lies with long-term value creation, earning him a coveted position as the leader for Centric’s Innovation Advisory Team.

Inside Centric’s Discipline of Innovation

Centric Consulting has been building a culture of innovation. We’ve learned many lessons along the way, but mostly that innovation requires discipline.

Four Innovative Products Our People Have Created So Far

In 2017, we formally established our Innovation Advisory Team, designed to encourage innovation. This effort has led to multiple innovative products. 

Making the Connection Between the Customer and Innovation

We take a look at the intersection of the customer and innovation and offer you three activities to help you think critically about that connection as you embark on innovation pursuits.

Balance Work-Life With Summertime Polo

Centric Boston's Brian Sedor shares one of his favorite pastimes for summertime in New England - Newport International Polo.

Enterprise Collaboration Q&A: What, Why, and How?

Enterprise Collaboration are what work people do, who they work with, what kind of information they need, and how they leverage technology.

Consumers’ Insatiable Need for Speed Continues to Drive Business Execution

Speed is the driver for athletes in both the marathon and the sprint. And we've seen speed become further pronounced as a driver in business. The women’s marathon world record has dropped almost 20 minutes since 1977, now standing at

Is It Truly OK to Fail? Bridging the Gap Between Project Execution and Financial Management

Centric Boston's Brian Sedor discusses what we learn from our failures.

Working on Big Data in business? Hire a physicist

In a post I wrote on big data in November, big data was outlined and explored based on an event delivered by Xconomy in Boston. A theme that I recognized during that event was that big data challenges require resources

Big Data in Boston

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Xconomy Big Data forum in Boston. It was absolutely worthwhile and I wanted to share some perspective on Big Data, with an enterprise delivery focus.In the spirit of all the questions