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Power Apps Tip: How to Print a Form in Power Apps

Printing in Power Apps used to require an extensive workaround, but now it's much easier. We walk through how to print and review the workaround.

Protect Your Microsoft 365 Digital Assets with a Zero-Trust Architecture

With today's cloud-based servers and applications, your single-factor “secure network” is not enough. You need a Zero-Trust mindset to protect your assets.

How to Make Your Office 365 Implementation Project a Success

We answer questions we often hear from leaders about succeeding with their Office 365 implementation project in this blog.

What Is Citizen Development and Why Does It Matter?

Today’s employees can order lunch from their phone and have it delivered asap. Why can’t their work be that easy? With citizen development, it can be.

Our Seattle Team Hosted a CIO Roundtable With Local Tech Leaders to Discuss the Effects of the Pandemic

We share some insights from a recent SIM Seattle CIO roundtable. Our panel of female technology leaders expressed concern about the pandemic’s effects.

How to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Export Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Export Service (DES) can help you achieve near-real-time replication to harness your data’s power within your organization.

Citizen Developer: Power Platform Webinar Recap

Our on-demand webinar, “Microsoft Power Hour: Better Automation in 60 Minutes Using Power Platform,” explores the versatility of Microsoft Power Platform.

How Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code and DevOps Automation Make Cloud Migrations Easier

Managing cloud resources and their configurations across functional environments can be difficult. Terraform — an open-source, IaC solution — can help.

Expanding The Reach of Performance Testing

We look at the differences between traditional and modern performance testing, diving into the benefits of using the more modern approach.

5 Questions about Using Power Platform’s Low-Code and No-Code Tools

When developers first encounter Power Platform’s low-code or no-code tools, it may feel like drinking from a fire hose. Microsoft’s online resources help.

5 Steps to Take Before Fully Engaging in a Salesforce Implementation

Deciding what your organization needs before making a purchase can be a lot. We look at a few steps to take during Salesforce implementation.

How Healthcare and Technology Navigated Us Forward in 2020

The year 2020 ushered in a new period of science and technology. We discuss how technology and science intersected, and what that could mean for healthcare.