To succeed in 2018 and beyond, here are five areas your business should focus on.

Your company’s theme for 2018 should be “Keep It Simple.” Just kidding!

In an increasingly complex world, it’s even more important to only focus on a few things, but even just a few things can be dauntingly complicated. No worries, because my goal is to simplify it for you.

Five Focus Areas for 2018

Here are five areas you should focus on in 2018, while keeping it as simple as possible:

#1 Technology –

Accept it. It’s here. Ignoring new technology because you’re too busy or everything seems to be working fine without it, just isn’t going to cut it. Not this year or in years to come.

Pick one technology topic each month – and learn enough about it. This will help you survive in a world driven by AI, IoT, VPAs, Cloud, Cryptocurrencies, Cybersecurity and so much more.

#2 Talent –

Attracting and retaining talent is not enough.

Make it a point to learn about alternative ways in which you can get the best talent on your most important initiatives. For example, have your heard of the gig economy? Think of ways it can help your company.

Still, always remember the basic rule: Get the right butts in the right seats.

#3 Change Management –

We first started hearing this term from consultants in the early 1990s. It’s finally accepted as a necessary line item in every project plan, in particular for technology implementations.

If you want your employees to get on board with constant change – from technology to processes – spend time this year to think about your change activities. Do you start change activities the first day of the project? You should. Do you know the components of change management that need to go in your plans? Learn them.

#4 Process Improvement –

We called it “re-engineering” back in the day. While that’s still going strong – stronger than ever actually – process improvement has evolved, becoming even more of a science.

If you really want to become as operationally efficient, effective, and productive as you need to survive in our complex world, 2018 is a good year to find people that know process improvement – and do it well.

Here’s a good question to ask yourself: In what ways are you measuring business productivity?

Speaking of keeping it simple (LOL), all you need to do is juggle all four of the 2018 imperatives above – while managing daily tasks, goals, and employees. Sounds easy enough, right?

You can do it – just stay cool, calm, collected.

But most importantly, focus on #5 on this list, which is: Earn your leadership every day by continuing to hone your skills and win the respect and admiration of those around you.

Go get ’em tiger.