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Jeremy Gruenwald

Jeremy Gruenwald

IAP Capability Lead | Data & Analytics

Jeremy has expertise in cloud and hybrid data strategy and architecture, data governance and master-data management, business-focused technology leadership, and the insurance industry. Jeremy has worked in information technology for more than 20 years and is located in the Chicagoland area. He started his career as a .NET developer and has had the chance to play about every role there is on technology projects.

Exploring Snowflake Iceberg: A Revolutionary Approach to Data Storage

Snowflake Iceberg enables cost-effective data storage in open formats on cloud platforms. We explain in this blog.

Centered on Your Success: Jeremy Gruenwald

In our Centered on Your Success series, get to know our experts and how they measure success for clients. In this installment, meet Jeremy Gruenwald.

Snowflake Security vs. Data Privacy: Regulating Internal Data Access

Oour Snowflake security and privacy blog series wraps up discussing how you can regulate your internal data and protect the reputation of your business.

Blog Series: Snowflake Security and Data Privacy

More businesses are using the cloud platform Snowflake because it’s fast and easy to use, but they still need to consider data privacy.

Snowflake Security and Data Privacy: Snowflake Roles – Pulling it All Together

Snowflake roles keep data access and privacy policies organized and universal by establishing access on both a data and compute level.

Snowflake Security and Privacy: Establishing Row Access Policies

As we continue our blog series, we walk through how you can use Snowflake row access policies to keep sensitive data protected.

Snowflake Security and Data Privacy: Using Snowflake Tags to Boost Privacy and Security

You can use Snowflake tags to boost your data’s security. We explain what object tagging is and how you can use it for data governance.

Snowflake Security and Data Privacy: Granular Access Control with Snowflake’s Advanced Features

Keep data secure by using Snowflake security features and privacy control to determine what any given user can see based on their role.

Snowflake Security and Data Privacy: Identifying, Organizing and Isolating Data

Snowflake security and data privacy are important for organizations to maintain when using the fast and easy-to-use cloud database.

What Should I Know about Snowflake?

Snowflake is a flexible cloud database with separate storage and compute, scalable power, and limitless storage, used for various purposes, competing with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

What Skills Are In Your Tool Belt?

Discover and use all of your skills - many that may not even be on your resume.