#CentricTurns15 – In honor of Centric’s 15th anniversary, we’re sharing a memory or other fun fact on the 15th of each month.


When someone thinks of their favorite memory, often the day of their wedding proposal stands out. In my case, that memory is shared with 500 of my closest Centric friends.

I have the pleasure of organizing our annual holiday party and this year we visited Phoenix, AZ. Our Saturday night party was held in an adobe building on a beautiful desert night in January. Little did I know that something big had been planned that I had not been a part of.

I have some of the best co-workers in the world. A small group of people that included my boss, several friends, the President, CEO and & COO, worked to give my soon-to-be fiancee the spotlight. He asked me one of the biggest questions of my life and gave a last-minute speech. Did I mention this was all perfectly timed with fireworks?

They all pulled off one of the biggest surprises of my life and I will be forever grateful. This is absolutely one of my favorite Centric memories.

Ps. I said, yes.

– Abby Cooley, Shared Services, HR Assistant