Business transformation requires changing the way your employees think before you change the way they work. Watch the webinar to get started.

True large-scale business transformation takes more than process, system, and policy improvement. True business transformation takes place when you change the way employees behave, which first requires changing how they think and what they believe.

It’s something that World Wide Technology (WWT), a St. Louis-based, $10 billion technology solution provider with 4,000 employees globally, experienced firsthand when it embarked on a massive transformation to sustain historic growth.

In our webinar, WWT’s Dave O’Toole and Centric Consulting’s Jennifer Barnes share more about that journey and how you can apply these lessons to your organization. Learn what it takes to:

  • Get executives to become ardent and active supporters of the program.
  • Keep a 200-person project team engaged and aligned.
  • Balance a lengthy timeline with interim wins.
  • Change the way your employees think before you change the way they work.

Listen to the Webinar