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The Importance of Design in Citizen Development

The citizen development movement is here to stay, but organizations must include usability and design in their efforts to ensure adoptions.

Monitoring in Microsoft Fabric

In this blog, we discuss all the capabilities and benefits Microsoft provides to monitor Microsoft Fabric.

Microsoft Fabric: Who Should Care About It and Why?

Whether you’re a CTO or Data Engineer, you should pay close attention to Microsoft Fabric to weigh how it can benefit your organization.

A Comprehensive Comparison: Chatbots from OpenAI vs. Microsoft

AI Chatbots are gaining popularity for their ability to provide personalized customer experiences through natural conversations.

How Do Microsoft AI Cloud Partners Stack Up to Microsoft Gold Partners?

The Microsoft Gold Partner program is now the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program. We discuss changes and benefits of working with a partner.

How Azure Cost Analysis Exposes Cost Overruns and Wasted Budgets

Azure Cost Analysis empowers businesses to gain real-time insights into their cloud expenses, optimize costs and regain control over budgets.

Power App and Power BI Integration With Write Back and Reporting

We walk through the steps of using write back and integrated reporting with Power Apps and Power BI in this blog.

Driving Better Business Decisions Through Data Access in Microsoft Azure

We helped an insurance company make their business-critical data more consumable in Microsoft Azure to drive business decisions.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents (Or, How to Talk to a Machine)

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents (PVAs) are Microsoft chatbots created for the Power Platform. But unlike previous chatbots, PVAs don’t require custom code.

Our Experts Share an Introduction to Citizen Development

We talk with our experts about the ins and outs of citizen development, taking an even closer look at how citizen developers can benefit your business.

Salesforce and Citizen Development: Supercharge Team Productivity by 29%

Is citizen development a part of your organization’s strategy for solution development and productivity? It should be. 

Using Citizen Development to Help Your Teams Achieve More, Part 2

In this edition of our Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we share part 2 of our "Citizen Development: How Business and IT Teams Achieve More" webinar.