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Microsoft Power Platform Licensing Flowchart

Microsoft Power Platform licensing can be complicated. Our downloadable flowchart helps remove some of the guesswork.

Power Platform Licensing Options: Understanding What’s Right for You

Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful resource for citizen developers. In this blog, we help you navigate Power Platform licensing.

Migrating to the Cloud with Microsoft

Get to know the cloud and why it makes sense for your business to migrate to the cloud with Microsoft.

End-to-End Encryption and Its Role in Zero-Trust Architecture

Data comes in many forms, but all data needs protection — and at all times. You need end-to-end encryption to secure your data.

Include Apps in Your Zero-Trust Architecture

In addition to locking down online identities and endpoints, you must also secure your apps to build a true Zero-Trust architecture.

How Energy & Utilities Organizations Can Build Effective Remote Team Collaboration

Remote and hybrid approaches have drastically changed how utility companies work. Here are three approaches you can use to improve the remote experience.

Zero-Trust Security for Endpoint Protection

In this blog, we'll discuss why the next frontier in Zero-Trust Security frameworks must include endpoint protection for your organizational habitat.

Protect Your Microsoft 365 Digital Assets with a Zero-Trust Architecture

With today's cloud-based servers and applications, your single-factor “secure network” is not enough. You need a zero-trust mindset to protect your assets.

How to Make Your Office 365 Implementation Project a Success

We answer questions we often hear from leaders about succeeding with their Office 365 implementation project in this blog.

Improving Healthcare for the Homeless with Microsoft 365 and Teams

How Centric Consulting’s Modern Workplace team and National Healthcare Practice helped a nonprofit organization better serve the homeless.

Microsoft Power Hour: Enhance Dynamics 365 with the Power Platform

Dynamics 365 (D365) is more powerful than ever when natively integrated with the Power Platform applications, including: Power Apps and Power Automate.

Take the Guesswork Out of Microsoft 365 Adoption and Governance

Microsoft 365’s collaboration tools drive the modern workplace. But getting the right balance between governance and adoption can be a challenge.