Google’s company culture makes it a great place to work. So does ours, says Glassdoor.

DAYTON, OH, September 19, 2016 – Centric Consulting gets a cool mention for its company culture and employee satisfaction on Glassdoor’s list of “9 Companies as Cool as Google” that are “Hiring Now!”

We ranked among these cool companies: SpaceX, Pinterest, New Balance, Trader Joe’s, EverFiE. & J. Gallo WineryMadwire, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Here’s what the article was all about: 

Google is consistently ranked as one of the Best Places to Work, but what makes Google (or any company) an amazing place to work? One big factor is company culture. In fact, company culture is the #1 factor leading to long-term job satisfaction, according to Glassdoor research. When you like where you work, are engaged and feel supported, you’re more likely to love your job.

While Google’s company culture is famous (and highly rated among employees), there are other companies with awesome company cultures that employees love. Check out these 9 companies, in no particular order, whose employees are very satisfied with the culture and values (with a Glassdoor culture and values rating of 4.0 or above*). And, good news, they are all hiring now!

Here’s what Glassdoor had to say about us:

5. Centric Consulting


Culture & Values Rating: 4.6

What they do: Centric Consulting is a business consulting and technology solutions firm headquartered in Dayton, OH with several offices across the U.S. including Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, and Seattle.

Why they’re cool: Centric Consulting is lauded by its employees for providing a supportive community: people at Centric care deeply about our work and each other. While consulting can be known for long hours and grueling travel, Centric Consulting aspires to live up to its tagline of ‘Life in Balance’. The supportive, caring environment feels like a family. The ability to work from home, as well as flexible PTO add to the appeal for Centric Consulting’s employees.

What employees say: “Centric is about great experiences, for their customers AND their employees. They are thoughtful about growth and hiring, and really want Centric to be a place their employees stay at, long term.” Centric Consulting Manager (Chicago, IL)

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