Teams at the Columbus Dev Studio have become an extension of our clients’ IT teams, while also taking on innovation prototyping and Bimodal IT projects.

Software Development Studio - Centric Consulting

Deep at work at Centric’s Software Development and Innovation Studio


COLUMBUS, OHIO – Centric Consulting’s Columbus Office (#CentricCOL) is proud to showcase our Software Development and Innovation Studio (Dev Studio), located in the Short North area, where our team’s design, develop, and deliver technology solutions – from a custom application to an inventory management system.

Clients partner with our experienced agile teams at the Dev Studio for many reasons, but mainly because it creates the ideal environment for an iterative development approach that supports high productivity and predictable delivery.

We realize that when an organization is hiring a consulting partner, value for fees and speed-to-market are important metrics to consider. So we created an environment where our teams utilize “Deep Work” practices that can minimize distraction to solve our clients’ most complex problems, as cost-effective and efficiently as possible.

“This translates into significantly richer, robust solutions delivered to our clients faster, better and cheaper,” said Gina Heffner, Vice President and Columbus Practice Lead. “These practices have transformed the way we build custom software solutions, developing a team that is ready to take on any project that comes their way.”

How our Software Development and Innovation Studio Works

Want to know how our Dev Studio works? Let’s explore that. Our teams:

  • Build a variety of custom applications to meet specific client needs, applying a pragmatic approach to basic agile principles based on client needs.
  • Act as an onsite or offsite extension of our clients’ IT teams for projects or to prototype quickly and learn fast. The project can be completed at “the right site” – meaning off-site at our development Dev Studio, on-site at your business, offshore, or a combination of these sites.
  • Apply a Bimodal IT approach to help clients ramp up their innovative software development without disrupting their existing IT delivery model.
  • Feature poly-skilled technologists who understand many platforms and ecosystems, such as Java, .Net, Cloud, JavaScript, Ruby, Big Data and more.

Since its inception, our Dev Studio teams have completed many successful projects in healthcare systems, warehouse supply processing, marketing operations, inventory management, logistics, and energy and utilities.

One of our Dev Studio teams recently completed a project with a remote client that needed to replace a 20-year old legacy system. We applied our highly collaborative agile approach to meet their business needs while building a new incentive management system for the client. This allowed the client to see and apply new features as we built the software. Read more about the project here.

Final Thoughts

“It’s vitally important for our clients to be able to leverage cutting-edge technology that allows them to move at a faster clock speed to keep pace with an ever-evolving technology, business and customer landscape,” Heffner said. “In order to support our clients, we’ve been intentional in creating a workspace with an environment that thrives on creativity, focuses on an agile, prototype first mindset, in order to build world-class, innovative software.”

Aside from its innovative approach to software development, the Dev Studio has earned its stellar reputation thanks to its people: Technology enthusiasts who are committed to advancing the tech community, serving as contributors, teachers, mentors, and conference speakers.

Go Further

  • Interested in learning how to get the most out of your consulting spend with an innovative, future forward-looking partner? Meet us at one of our technology events, such as an informational lunch or community Hackathon.
  • Or contact us so we can show you around the Dev Studio: gina.heffner@centricconsulting – Columbus Practice Vice President; – Columbus Chief Architect.

About Centric Consulting

Centric Consulting is a business consulting and technology solutions firm providing full-service consulting services. Centric’s expert consultants help clients tackle their toughest business challenges with innovative, balanced, and measurable solutions. With more than 700 employees in 13 cities in the U.S. and India, Centric is known for helping clients drive operational efficiency, improve customer service, and increase profitability. Centric was founded in 1999 and is a privately owned company.

Centric Columbus delivers high-quality business and technology services that contribute to our clients’ growth and success. We use a Right Site delivery model which supports a wide range of project types and sizes. The project can be completed at “the right site” – off-site at our development Dev Studio, on-site at a client’s site, offshore, or a combination of these sites. We continuously seek to create an unmatched experience for our clients, employees and the community.