Centric Columbus Volunteers with Rebuilding Together Central Ohio

Columbus, OH – April 28, 2012 — The Centric Columbus team has been a regular volunteer with Rebuilding Together Central Ohio, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the lives and homes of neighbors in need.

Most recently, the Columbus team worked with Rebuilding Together to help Jane Hudgens, a 71-year-old who lives alone, to do some repair work around her home.

The team helped Jane with some handyman items and a few safety projects including power washing and staining her handicap ramp and adding a grip paint surface for solid tread in the rain.

“The work we did for Jane wasn’t the hardest or the most difficult we’ve ever done, but she was easily one of the most welcoming and thankful people I’ve encountered in my years with this program,” said Michael Schmitz, a Senior Consultant.

Schmitz continued saying, “I was lucky enough to have people willing to help both before and after the actual event date with prep work and some finishing work on items we couldn’t complete when the weather turned on us. The Centric Columbus team really stepped up on this one, and I think the event went exceedingly well.”

About Jane Hudgens

Jane Hudgens first moved to Columbus from Charleston, West Virginia in 1978. She came to visit her sister, who was living here at the time and decided to stay. Jane then married and went on to have a daughter and two sons. For many years, she worked as a homemaker for the LifeCare Alliance, helping senior citizens maintain their home. After about 15 years with LifeCare Alliance, Jane was forced to retire after an on-the-job injury. She fell from a 6-foot ladder and injured her back, requiring surgery.

Today, Jane is divorced and retired. She has lived in her current home for seven years. Her three children and nine grandchildren live in Columbus, and visit when they can, while the rest of her family lives in West Virginia. Jane loves to sit out on her back porch and watch the rabbits, squirrels and birds play. She lives on a fixed income and has recently had two knee replacements. The surgeries slowed her down a bit, but she has a good attitude and is making a recovery. With Rebuilding Together Central Ohio’s help, Jane can continue to age in place safely and with independence.

About Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together Central Ohio is a volunteer-driven initiative that serves the community through the Safe at Home and the Tool Library programs. The Safe at Home program provides emergency home repairs and safety modifications to low-income seniors and permanently disabled homeowners. The Tool Library offers tools and knowledge to neighbors and nonprofit partners, giving them the resources to maintain homes and revitalize their communities. The focus of Rebuilding Together is to have everyone live in a warm, safe and dry condition with independence and dignity.