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Once again, the Centric Columbus team spent the day Saturday, Jan. 9th, volunteering at Worthington Resource Pantry.

Many thanks to Mike and Emily Gonzalez; Mike and Debi Pugh; Mike Rogers; Morgan Howard; Chet Ridenar; Matt, Tally, Brenna and Alexa Winkleman; Justin Hines and friend; Kyle Priest; Mara Belcher; Greg and Avery Pendleton; Brittney Miller; Julie Shaffer; Ann Palcisco; Tyler, Ryan, Kim and Andy Zupfer; and Angie, Audrey, Emma, and Tyler Abrams.

They spent the day doing all the “if we ever have time” work that never seems to get done: deep cleaning, making bookmarks, restocking shelves, making pet food bags, etc. Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers!

A special thank you goes to Matt Winkleman for organizing the event.

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