5 Types of People You Want to Surround Yourself With

1. The Inspired

2. The Passionate

3. The Motivated

4. The Grateful

5. The Open-Minded

While these are the types of people we should strive to be around, what if we turned this around and instead of surrounding yourself with those types of people, you are one of those types of people? While some of these traits come intrinsically, others we may need to work at.

Below are some tips:

Be Inspiring — To be an inspiring person you first must be true to yourself. Doing what you love helps, as it will come naturally to inspire others. Challenge people to do their best by leading by example. When people know we expect great things from them, they will do their best to live up to those expectations.

Be Passionate —We all probably have an idea of a passionate person in our minds. These are the people that get really excited about something they love or feel strongly about and it shows. Find that “thing” that gets you excited to jump out of bed in the morning focus on it, learn about it, and be brave.

Be Motivating — Being a motivating person starts with having the right attitude. To motivate others, they need to see some quality in you that they want in themselves. Being a motivating person is synonymous with being encouraging. Encourage others to keep chasing after their goals.

Be Grateful — We talk about showing gratitude a lot as it is one of the three areas we focus on when creating unmatched experiences. Being a grateful person is easy, you can choose to be a grateful person. These tips to be a grateful person should get you there in no time.

Be Open Minded — Being open-minded takes some practice and can be difficult as many find it comforting being set in their ways. Take time to get out of your comfort zone- try new things, travel to new places, talk to people that are different from you and ask questions. You’ll be surprised at what you will learn!

We tend to attract people into our lives that have similar qualities to ourselves. If you work toward being an inspiring, passionate, motivating, grateful and open-minded person, there is no doubt that these will be the types of people surrounding you.