Centric Chicago’s John Kackley hosts our podcast on trends and topics in the business and technology world.

The Biz and Tech Talks podcast will cover a range of topics from artificial intelligence to project management. You’ll hear from experts and thought leaders across Centric’s many locations, service offerings and industries. Want to hear about a particular topic? Contact us! 

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Podcast 1: Trends in Data and Analytics

John Kackley interviews our Data and Analytics lead in Chicago, Carlos Cruz.

Podcast 2: AI in Business

John Kackley interviews our Cloud Co-Lead, Carmen Fontana.

Podcast 3 Part 1: Business Transformation

John Kackley interviews Centric Chicago’s Career Management Consultant, Carla Cubert.

Podcast 3 Part 2: Business Transformation

Podcast 4: COMING SOON!

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