Balancing work and life is essential to professional and personal success. Here are a few apps and tech gadgets our own team uses to unwind and simplify their lives.

  • Gizmo – “Gizmo watches allow my boys to send and receive calls to a preset list of people. Great for when the boys go play in the neighborhood and I need to check on them or call them home for dinner. Also has GPS functionality so I can determine their exact location via an app on my phone.” –  Carmen Fontana, National Talent Acquisition Manager.
  • Snapseed – Makes editing photos easy-to-do on a phone. “They have some nice filters, a crop and rotate function, etc.” Check out the masterpiece below. – Jennifer Johnson, National Marketing Graphic Designer.


  • Untappd – Fun way to discover and share favorite beers – and bragging rights – with friends and colleagues. – Chuck Harshey, Charlotte‘s Digital and Mobile Strategy Lead.
  • MindbodyFind the best fitness, wellness and beauty services in your area. Mindbody makes it easy to “search for studios and mark some as favorites. You can purchase classes, see schedules, and book a class.  It makes it easy for me when on the run to find and attend the classes I like by using the app.” – Kim Caruthers, Miami Practice Lead.
  • Fitbit Blaze – And then there’s smartwatches, gadgets that do more than tell time. They count your steps, know your heart rate, track your sleep, and monitor your activity. Hear more from proud smartwatch owner, Cleveland Practice Director Kevin Bracy, in his blog post: Fitbit Blaze – a Smart Watch to Get you Moving Toward a Balanced Life