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From Sustainable Energy Challenges to Breakthroughs: Top Takeaways from RE+ Northeast 2023

Our Energy and Utilities team headed to Boston to attend RE+ Northeast. Here are some insights from the event.

Citizen Development: How Formal Design Processes Drive App Adoption Webinar Recap

In our on-demand webinar, we discuss ensuring citizen developer success and product adoption by leveraging best practices in user experience and design.

Top 5 Insurance Trends for 2022

We look at 2022’s top five trends in the insurance industry, focusing on the central theme we see: new technology and innovation.

Let’s Do Business Anywhere: A Podcast Collection

In our business anywhere collection of podcasts, we talk to our experts about everything from the technology you need to build community in a virtual space.

The Basics and Beyond of Citizen Development: A Podcast Collection

In our citizen development collection of podcasts, we talk with our experts about the ins and outs of the citizen developer movement.

Your Guide to Growth Q&A: Guiding Clients Towards Growth

In this blog series, we ask our experts to share their insights on the global market – where it’s going and how you can prepare for growth.

How the Pandemic Has Shaped the Life Insurance Industry in 2021

We look at how the life insurance industry has changed since the pandemic began, focusing on top trends, changing demographics and digital agendas.

How Healthcare and Technology Navigated Us Forward in 2020

The year 2020 ushered in a new period of science and technology. We discuss how technology and science intersected, and what that could mean for healthcare.

IT Leaders Respond to Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

We partnered with Expedient to survey IT leaders about how they view their companies' responses to how they handled rapid changes due to the pandemic.

Preparing for the Hybrid Workplace

It's the rise of the hybrid workplace, but implementation may not be as easy as you think. In this podcast, we discuss what you need for a hybrid model.

Journey into the Innovation Lab

On this episode of our Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we talk to Brian Sedor, head of our Centric Innovation Lab, about big ideas and what's next.

3 Trends That Will Shape the Life Insurance Industry in 2021

We share some of the trends we learned about at the LIMRA Life Insurance Conference this year. Our infographic breaks down those trends.