How Snowflake Architecture Delivers a Modern Data Storage Solution, Part 2

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Sachin Mittal

Sachin Mittal

Senior Consultant | Centric India Data Analytics

Sachin works as a CRM Analyst with expertise in various technologies including his status as a Snowflake Data Superhero. He has been with Centric for almost 2 years and has 14 years of experience in development and analysis technologies such as Oracle, Snowflake, Siebel, Salesforce and Python. Currently based out of Noida, India, Sachin is a Snowflake Advanced Architect and Salesforce Certified with a Master’s in Computer Applications from U.P. Technical University, Lucknow. During his spare time, he loves being with his kids, Shreya and Darsh. You can connect with Sachin on LinkedIn

How Snowflake Architecture Delivers a Modern Data Storage Solution

You Might Need a Data Strategy

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