The advocacy group was recognized along nine other companies in Indianapolis that support and encourage #WomenInTech

TechPoint, an online resource for those in the tech industry in Indiana, featured Centric Consulting among other notable technology companies for their support of women employees.

Our Inspired Women at Work (iW@W), an advocacy group for women employees, kicked off in 2012. The idea stemmed from several women involved in our Diversity and Inclusion program. Each year, the community grows.

The group stays connected by attending conference calls several times throughout the year and meeting in-person on a quarterly to semi-annual basis. Members of iW@W also share articles and resources on Degreed, our learning platform.

Because our teams are spread across the nation, this is a great chance to network, learn and socialize with fellow women at the company.

Centric Indianapolis‘ Danielle Laffey, Manager and Salesforce Practice Lead, spoke to TechPoint about why this support is so important:

“Women face unique challenges in the workforce, especially in industries that tend to be male-dominated. Creating a group where women can discuss these challenges, support each other both personally and professionally, and mentor one another is vitally important to creating a more inclusive work environment. Women groups also have the ability to educate the company on gender issues and ways we can all do better to challenge unconscious bias and stereotypes.”

Women in Tech

Inspired Women at Work (iW@W) – March 2017

Other Indiana-based companies featured in the article include:

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More about TechPoint

TechPoint promotes and accelerates the growth of Indiana’s tech community. They provide many resources and opportunities for those in the technology industry in Indiana.

A lot of prominent members from the business community are on TechPoint’s board, including their most recent acquisition: Scott McCorckle, founder of ExactTarget/Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which serves as their Board Chair.