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Creating Modern User Experiences for Insurance Agents, Policyholders and Prospects

Enter Centric: A Multiphase Solution For a Simpler User Experience

Our first tactic for planning and executing a digital enablement strategy for CompSource Mutual was interviewing the company’s target audiences. Analysis of the data we gathered through in-depth interviews and quantitative methods allowed us to visualize the company’s current state, determine the various audiences’ nuances and distribution channels, and identify pain points in the form of journey mapping. These insights also enabled us to visualize the optimal future state, which involved a solution that would simplify the user experience while removing manual tasks that took agents away from revenue-driving activities.

From here, we moved to solution strategy and design, where we built a scalable ecosystem based on our identified user needs. We designed the prototyped solution to be easy to use, fully integrated with core policy administration systems and built with modern software development best practices.

Below are the interrelated phases we identified to guide our work:

Phase 1: Using in-depth virtual interviews and quantitative surveys, we gathered data from agents, customer service representatives, policyholders and prospects. We used this data to define customer touch points, explore pain points and challenges and begin to visualize the desired future state. Our primary research allowed us to discover insights from the raw data that guided our future work.

Phase 2: Using the insights we collected and analyzed in Phase 1, we designed the new customer experience. Our insights allowed us to conduct journey mapping exercises that mapped the current state, dive deeper into pain points with annotated commentary and identify needs-driven opportunities. This analysis allowed us to analyze behavior patterns and create archetypes associated with the new solution.

Phase 3: Using our research and design as a guide, we built interactive prototypes of the “moments that matter” across the user journey. The prototypes allowed us to identify user flows and interactions as we developed our information architecture. User-based prototype testing validated our user design, paving the way for prototype enhancements and refactoring.

Phase 4: After further analyzing our prototypes’ feasibility, we designed a roadmap that would allow CompSource to build the solution we designed. We also created a backlog of issues to address with corresponding user interfaces.

The Results: A Future of Better User Experiences for All

As a result of our multi-phase engagement, CompSource Mutual now has a better understanding of the needs of its agents, policyholders and prospects based on intensive primary research. More importantly, we helped the company create high-fidelity prototypes for building their desired future state. This new portal will save time and money while allowing CompSource Mutual to deliver an even higher level of customer satisfaction.

The work we completed for CompSource demonstrates many of our customer understanding best practices. Our use of in-depth customer interviews and journey mapping allowed us to gain insights into customer behavior that would not have been possible to attain otherwise. The use of iterative practices, testing, and refactoring of prototypes led to the creation of better processes. It delivered a roadmap allowing CompSource Mutual to build its solution based on objective data – rather than guesswork – to deliver what users need.

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