Guidewire Accelerator

Strengthening Carrier Integration Using a Guidewire Accelerator

Calls Per Day
Referals in Two Months
Per Month Up From 40

Enter Centric: Creating a Customized Accelerator

Servpro partnered with Centric based on our proven delivery history from past projects, along with our Guidewire experience and insurance expertise. We created and implemented a similar accelerator for another client, which integrated their system with their carriers. This allowed us to create and customize an accelerator quickly that matched Servpro’s needs.

We started by providing Servpro a customized accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter that carriers could use to integrate with their FNOL services. Our solution automated the assignment of franchise information and negated the need for any manual processes. This would result in a better customer experience and increased ease of doing business for Servpro carriers.

The Results: A Streamlined Process for Mitigation Services

After the implementation, Servpro became the preferred vendor for Mercury due to the integration and streamlined process. Instead of sharing all three vendor details with the customers, Mercury’s CSR team now offers only Servpro information to the customers. Since Servpro is now involved in the initial stages of FNOL, Mercury can arrange mitigation services sooner, which results in minimizing the extent of loss to customers.

This project not only created tighter integration between Servpro and their carriers but also resulted in better service to insurance policyholders along with more business opportunities and increased ROI for Servpro.

The number of leads that Servpro receives has already increased. Before the introduction of the accelerator, they received an average of nine calls per day. Post-implementation, this average has increased to 70 to 90 calls per day. The integration took place at the end of October, and by the end of the year, they had about 1,100 referrals.

Make the most of your Guidewire investment.