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Guidewire Services

Your Guidewire software investment doesn’t end with implementation. Let us help you shift from transformation to benefit realization.
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Partner with us for unmatched Guidewire Services

While most partners focus solely on initial implementation, we believe in focusing beyond it – helping you make the most of your investment for the long-term.

Centric Consulting approaches its partnership with Guidewire and clients the same way; by working together at every stage while focusing on collaborative, lasting relationships that yield steady and consistent results to their Guidewire investment.  

This long-term approach has led us to focus our offerings on post-implementation and continuous improvement. We provide Guidewire practice capabilities such as maintenance and support, accelerators, upgrades, cloud enablement and an automated testing framework that’s geared toward long-term improvement.

Our partnership with Guidewire allows us to provide core systems implementation experience at a level similar to larger system integrators at a cost-effective price point. Learn more about our delivery model and approach to working with clients.

Key Components to Guidewire™ Success

From post-implementation to accelerators, how to deliver value through continuous improvement is at the core of the questions we hear most frequently.

Our Guidewire Services

You choose Guidewire Software to achieve operational efficiency and product flexibility.  We created a set of services to unlock that potential.

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Maintenance and Enhancement

After implementing a Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ product, we help you establish a long-term support and enhancement model that will evolve the product, improve DevOps and provide flexible staffing arrangements at a fair and reasonable price.

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Upgrade Lab

It is important to understand cloud, DevOps and functional implications as you contemplate a Guidewire upgrade.

Our upgrade lab offers assessments, evaluations and a full set of upgrade services to keep you both current and profitable.

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Continuous Improvement

Addressing process excellence and adoption aren’t always feasible during implementation.

We help you identify and execute post-implementation improvements that weren’t initially anticipated.

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Accelerator Program

Want to build an accelerator to integrate with a Guidewire product? We can do that.

Our accelerators simplify your business-to-business relationships with several pre-built options to choose from.

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Cloud technology has evolved from an innovation tool to hosting enterprise wide core systems.

By leveraging our cloud skills, we define and execute the right cloud approach for your Guidewire systems.

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Implementation Support

Our experienced consultants provide deep Property and Casualty (P&C) industry knowledge.

Implementation support includes everything from project planning and execution, development of key integrations, to analytics and deployment. 


Our Guidewire Services Team

Clients have unique goals or constraints such as budget, skills, availability, schedule, etc. Our Delivery Model provides a flexible approach, allowing you to get just the right mix of on-site, near-site and offshore team members based on your specific needs.

It is important to integrate our team with your team, independent of how the work is divided. We have highly skilled, versatile professionals with deep Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ and Insurance knowledge. Our entire team, including our team in India, are thoroughly vetted and can perform as effectively as their seasoned and experienced counterparts onshore.

Our focus on post-implementation services and long-term relationships has extended to our team-building philosophy to provide carriers with team members they will want to keep, at prices that allow them to do that.

What’s Important to Us? Quality Assurance.

A major component to realizing the benefit of a Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ implementation is a strong and maintainable regression testing framework that is also flexible and business focused. Whether you need to ensure a small change doesn’t disrupt business or you need to establish a comprehensive set of new tests, our automated testing framework is easy to implement and grow.  

While we understand that automation is important, we also realize that manual testing will still play a role. Our ability to provide the right balance for a long term solution sets us apart. Have your own framework? No problem. Our experienced test engineers will work within your framework to ensure you can continuously improve.

Make the most of your Guidewire investment.