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Tim Fox

Tim Fox

Tim Fox | Senior Writer | National Marketing

Tim managed content development for internal and external websites at a Fortune 500 Midwestern electric and natural gas utility before starting his own writing consulting business, Write Fox LLC. Tim is also a freelance writer for Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Terrain magazine, and he is the editor of I Am East St. Louis, The Magazine.

Case Crushers and Mind Benders Emerge Victorious in Centric Consulting Case Competition

In our first-ever internal case competition, seven teams submitted proposals for new and innovative Centric solutions, many built on AI.

How to Create a ChatGPT Content Policy: Best Practices for Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT can be a powerful time-saver for content creators, but only if you have the right policies in place to guide its use.

Centric Consulting’s Boston Team Steps Up to Support a Colleague

Our Centric Consulting Boston team held a fitness challenge to raise $2,500 for Girls on the Run to honor Errol Yudelman.

Centric Consulting, Karen Wellington Foundation Gift ‘Unmatched Experience’ to Cancer Patient

Vacation recipient becomes the first beneficiary of a unique Centric initiative with a Karen Wellington Foundation unmatched experience.

Centric INROADS Interns, 2.0: Delivering an Unmatched Summer Intern Experience

To continue building diversity and sustainability at Centric, we will again host INROADS interns this summer — with twice as many students as last year!

Tech Support: Centric Military Veterans Rally the Troops for Fellow Vets

Two veterans on our Enterprise Collaboration team worked to help a nonprofit better serve former military personal transition into civilian life.

CampIO 2021 Is a Wrap, But Its Impact Will Continue

Here at Centric, we love technology and innovation. At CampIO we get to flex our inventive muscles and showcase our best and most creative ideas.

Centric Commemorates: Mental Health Awareness Month

In this segment of Centric Commemorates, two of our teammates get honest about Mental Health Awareness Month.

Teams Rock St. Louis with Visualization and Machine Learning at Expedition: Data

More than 25 business and technical consultants gathered in St. Louis on March 6 to compete in Expedition: Data, our Data & Analytics (D&A) event.

Mining for Machine Learning and Data Science Talent

This year, during our Spring Meeting, we're holding Expedition: Data. Here is an interview with Jeff Kanel on what we hope to accomplish at the event.

Learn the Rules of the Road for Microsoft Teams

Business leaders around the world are experiencing the transformative power of Microsoft Teams, launched in 2017.