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Heather Bahorich

Heather Bahorich

Talent Management & Development Lead | Human Resources

Heather has expertise in building talent strategies and programs in career development and learning to support organizational goals. Heather has worked in the HR and Learning space for over 15 years, and is located in St. Louis, Missouri. In her personal time, Heather shares her favorite spaces and places for families in St. Louis on her blog and social media. Follow Heather Bahorich on LinkedIn.


Leading through the Crisis: How to Give Feedback in Troubling Times

It’s no surprise delivering feedback in a virtual environment poses its challenges, but there are ways you can connect with employees and provide feedback.

[Video] Understanding Your Learning Style

Understanding your learning style is essential for crafting a personalized learning experience. Watch the video now.

Lifelong Learners: Four Benefits of Learning Something New Each Day

In part two of a series on learning, Heather Bahorvich discusses how learning something new every day can benefit yourself and your future.

Lifelong Learners: Why Learning Matters

Read the first of Centric's Learning Manager's learning series discussing why it's important for you to get invested in your learning.

Five Tips For Continuous Learning That Help Grow Your Career

How do you incorporate learning into your everyday life to grow your career? How do you keep learning when the stresses of life interfere?