Read about the advantages of flexing your brain and taking the time every day to learn something new.

Part two of a series

Leaders are readers. We’ve all heard this statement and honestly, it really isn’t a new concept. However, do you make time to read, so you are learning something new every day like a leader does?

You will be happy to learn this: Learning is not exclusively done through reading. People learn something new every single day, and that knowledge doesn’t always come from a book. Some tune into their favorite podcast on their way to work, while others converse with friends about a problem they are trying to solve in the office.

However you find it, knowledge is all around you, so learning something new each day should come easy. But many don’t recognize that learning – unless a career change, a necessity for a new skill, or assigned work training inspires them to act intentionally about their learning activities. Make learning and development a deliberate daily activity.

Here are the top four benefits to learning something new every day:

#1 – Reduces stress 

  • A new hobby can be a great stress reliever. It helps us break out of our normal mundane routine and stretches the muscles in our brain.

#2 – Builds relationships 

  • It’s common for a person to talk about something that they are actively learning. Who doesn’t want to be known for being an interesting conversationalist? It is also a great way to find new connections with colleagues around you to help build a deeper relationship.

#3 – Keeps you relevant in your industry 

  • One thing that you can count on is that somebody is learning something new somewhere, and you might as well assume that your competition is striving to get better. Make sure that you are staying relevant with your customers by learning more about your competition and your industry.

#4 – Exposes you to new things 

  • Learning about new information expands your mind to undiscovered things. You don’t know what you don’t know. But as you gain new knowledge, you become more aware of the unknown.

There are unlimited reasons to keep learning. Set a good example for your children, grow your business, and expand your mind. Overcome boredom, cultivate great conversations, or reduce stress through new knowledge. Whatever your reason is, we all know learning is important for our growth and development as individuals and consultants.

However, if somebody stopped and asked you today if you had learned something in the past week, what would you say? It may be an easy answer if you just attended a conference and sat through a seminar, but for most people, they are still struggling to remember what they had for breakfast, let alone if they learned anything in the past seven days.

In the next blog in the series, we’ll share five ways to learn before breakfast.