Centric Cleveland Director Kevin Bracy, a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, was recently featured in the Volunteer Spotlight section of CRWU’s Alumni News.

The CRWU Alumni Association thanked him for being an active volunteer. Kevin is currently involved with Summer on the Cuyahoga (SOTC), a program that combines a summer internship with an immersive, Cleveland-centric experience for select students from Case Western Reserve, Colgate, Cornell, Denison, Ohio Wesleyan, Smith, University of Chicago and Yale. 

Read the Volunteer Spotlight originally published in CWRU Alumni News, or check out his answers below:

Describe your volunteer activities through CWRU:
I’m currently involved with SOTC. In the past, I’ve been a member of the Case Alumni Council and over the years have also participated as an [alumni admission] ambassador for CWRU at high school college fairs.

What volunteer activity are you most active/excited about and what is your favorite moment/experience from volunteering?
The most exciting part of volunteering as an alum is meeting the current students and hearing about the wonderful things they are doing. It’s always a very impressive list of activities and accomplishments!

How many hours does this volunteer activity take up per week or month?
SOTC is up and down. At its height, it was 4 hours/month. Most of the year, it’s an hour or less. When I was serving on the CAA council, the time commitment was closer to 4 hours/month with a few more hours required for special events (e.g. scholarship interviews).

How did you first get involved with volunteering?
I don’t remember the exact time when I started. For SOTC, it’s such a great concept and was a way to support both Case and Cleveland that I wanted to get involved. For CAA, I was the beneficiary of a scholarship when I attended Case and I wanted to give back in acknowledgement of the gifts that were given to me.

Why do you continue to volunteer?
It’s a great way to make an impact. The students are amazing and it’s good to get involved to interact and hopefully make an impact on the direction the school and students take.

What would you say to others who are interested in getting involved with this volunteer opportunity?
I’d encourage everyone to participate in a way that is meaningful to you. The rewards of participating will outweigh the costs and you’ll meet many amazing people along the way.