How to turn executives into evangelists and change employee thinking to truly transform your organization.

True large-scale business transformation takes more than process, system, and policy improvement. True business transformation takes place when you change the way employees behave, which first requires changing how they think and what they believe.

It’s something that World Wide Technology (WWT), a St. Louis-based, $10 billion technology solution provider with 4,000 employees globally, experienced firsthand when it embarked on a massive transformation to sustain historic growth.

Transformation is a complicated, lengthy process fraught with opportunities for missteps and failure, but WWT quickly learned nothing can steer you off course if your people are onboard.

In our upcoming webinar, WWT’s Dave O’Toole and Centric Consulting’s Jennifer Barnes will share more about that journey and how you can apply these lessons to your organization.

Learn what it takes to:

  • Get executives to become the most ardent and active supporters of the program. How do you move them from passive consumers to active leaders and evangelists?
  • Keep a 200-person project team engaged and aligned.
  • Change people’s thoughts and behaviors so that you accomplish your mission and protect your investment.
  • Balance a lengthy program timeline with interim wins – operationally, culturally, and financially.

To transform your business, you must change the way your employees think before you change the way they work. Join us to get started down that path.

The WWT Transformation Story

Over the past 27 years, WWT has become one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the country.

WWT is nimble, entrepreneurial, and treats every customer as unique. This has resulted in the highest levels of customer satisfaction and employee pride and has led to the company historically doubling in revenue every four to five years.

Today, WWT is at a critical point in their evolution. To continue their aggressive growth and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and world-class culture, the company must transform their business to become more scalable and sustainable.