Centric’s largest and most notable internal education conference continues to grow and diversify. This year looks to be no exception.

On Thursday, Aug. 20, Centric will host CampIO, the company’s yearly, much-anticipated technology event. The daylong conference will be held in Indianapolis as part of the all-team Summer Meeting.

CampIO is an opportunity for technology-minded people across Centric to get together and show off what they can do when not constrained by client requirements and platforms.

The goal of this event is to give all Centric tech buffs, presenters and attendees alike, the opportunity to work on exciting projects and learn from each other. Any Centric employee or contractor attending the Summer Meeting is invited to participate.

The full-day event will include several short presentations given in a “TED Talk” format from Centric’s developers, IT strategists and tech enthusiasts.

What’s Discussed at CampIO?

Past presentations have been on a variety of topics including new languages, databases, platforms and concepts. Discussions have dealt with mobility, cloud, big data, agile/project management, quality assurance and functional programming.

In 2015, the topic range will continue to diversity with presentations on subjects including:

  • Wearables
  • Fun with sensors
  • Robotics and/or Drones
  • 3D Printing
  • New languages/ databases/ techniques that solve a specific (or new general) need
  • Industry disruptors and perpetuators
  • Anything personal and cool (In 2014 this included a talk/demo on old school, custom amplifiers).

CampIO is also adding a “Hackathon” to the day’s events to allow for deeper dives into more specific areas.

Awards will also be given this year for a variety of categories.

CampIO Beginnings

CampIO was started to provide an outlet for Centric’s technology people to work on areas or technologies where there may not normally be an opportunity to do so.

“There is no need to have a specific business reason for talking about whatever it is you want to discuss,” said William Klos, Centric’s National Cloud Services Practice Lead and CampIO’s Master Orchestrator. “In fact, if it’s simply an exposition of technology for technology’s sake – that’s perfectly cool! Bring your passion. Learn something new – then show it off. If you don’t want to present, that’s cool too. Just attend to see what technologies are getting traction from you coworkers. The distance from something shown at CampIO to being implemented in a real project is not as far as you might think!”