Centric Columbus technologists learned that a nonprofit, faith-based social service organization in their community had a need. Westerville Area Resource Ministry (WARM) needed a better way to track and manage warehouse inventory.

So the team planned a hackathon to tackle the mission. Over the weekend of November 12th, a blended team of technologists from across Centric joined the cause to design a coding solution for the organization’s problem.

Solving Problems

By the end of a fast-paced weekend, the Hackathon team delivered phase one of a solution that will support current processes and enhance overall inventory management.

“We delivered a solution that allows WARM to process inventory in/out of the warehouse along with an inventory view,” said Morgan Howard, a Senior Consultant for Centric Columbus. “This inventory view doesn’t just provide a better idea of what’s in stock, but it also gives them an easy way to determine what they need to reorder low stock.”

WARM representative Chad Maxeiner was impressed by what he saw when he joined the team during one of the development days.

“We send a huge thanks to the Centric Hackathon team. It’s amazing to see the people at Centric be so engaged in the community and give back like they do. The things that they accomplished over the weekend will help us with our ministry in ways that we only dreamed of,” he said.


Phase two of the project will include testing and implementing the solution as well as assisting WARM with retroactively processing inventory.

Centric Columbus will also be hosting an event to teach organizations how to run a hackathon. Learn more here.

About WARM

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit faith-based social service organization, WARM provides assistance to individuals in the Westerville area who are living at 200% or below the federal poverty guidelines.

In addition to providing food and limited financial assistance to families in need, WARM offers a number of programs such as a jobs assistance program designed to assist individuals on the road to economic recovery (WORK Initiative). Their services provide individuals with the tools necessary to promote family stability, improved self-esteem and increased self-sufficiency.

About Centric Columbus

Centric Columbus provides clients with capabilities in strategy, process and technology. Examples of our capabilities include: Mobile App DevelopmentAgile ApproachBusiness Intelligence, and Business Process Management.

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