On this Fab Friday, we’re getting inspired on how to use the hours in the week to the fullest.

24 hours in a day x 7 days in a week = 168 hours.

That’s the time you have each week to work, sleep, eat, play, exercise, etc.  RPM Industries has actually made it their corporate philosophy reminding people that it is their “duty to use this gift wisely and productively.”

Here a few ways you can apply this concept in your own life…

  • Break down your week into the hours for each major activity. Each person will vary, but you might put down 45 – 50 hours for work, 40 – 50 hours for sleep, 4 – 5 hours for exercise, etc.
  • Think about the top priorities for each of the major categories. What do you want to accomplish in each this week?
  • Write this down, look at it daily, and make adjustments as needed.
  • At the end of one week and at the beginning of the next, reflect on how things went. From there, budget your time and plan for the next week.

Utilizing this exercise will help ensure you are using your 168 wisely and productively.