Webinar Series: Bust the Myths Surrounding Process Excellence

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Watch our three-part webinar series on the common myths, misconceptions and miscommunications that can hamper operational and process improvement efforts.

Change is the new constant when it comes to Process Excellence. Companies of all sizes, across various industries, now face learning how to thrive in this ever-evolving state, or they risk becoming irrelevant. Leading with process provides clarity when change creates uncertainty and idleness. Organizations that holistically reimagine business processes stay ahead of their competition and drive desired business outcomes.

Each session focuses on a common theme that organizations face today.  

  • Part 1: Business Transformation
  • Part 2: Change and Process
  • Part 3: Digital Disruption

Series Key Takeaways

  • Define the scope and myths of end-to-end business transformations 
  • Understand the core components of successful transformations
  • Identify risks and drives to a successful transformation journey
  • Discuss managing transformation programs 
  • Hear lessons learned from those at various stages of their transformation journey

Part 1: Business Transformation

Part 2: Change and Process

Part 3: Digital Disruption

Learn how our experts can help improve your operational processes and excel your business.

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