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Mike Brannan

Mike Brannan is responsible for building Centric’s Technology Service Line and its associated offerings across Centric. He has more than 20 years of diverse technical management experience in design and delivery of scalable and complex software. Mike also develops and oversees all technology practices and is working to grow Centric’s Rippleware Product Development Studio.

Staying Current in the Rapidly Changing World of Technology – Part 2

Check out this list of resources to stay current on technology - straight from Centric's thought leaders and experts.

How Nontechnical Leaders Can Stay Current On Key Technology Trends

The world is dramatically changing - and nontechnical leaders must invest in staying current in technology trends.

Rated: Non-Techies Grasp the Cloud

Mike Brannan predicted that non-techies will grasp the cloud in 2014. Was his prediction accurate?

Rated: The Re-Emerging Importance of Tech Careers

Mike Brannan predicted the "Re-emerging Importance of Tech Careers." How did his prediction rate?

Centric Must Reads: 13 Centric-Certified Books to Inspire Your Personal and Professional Life (Book #2)

Reading is an important part of Centric’s culture – we’ve found that learning from the experiences of others is one of the best ways to be inspired. Good books and insightful lessons are shared frequently within the Centric walls –

The Re-Emerging Importance of Tech Careers

This post is part of a series - 14 Business and Technology Trends to Look for in 2014.  As nearly every facet of life becomes digitized, the need for creative and innovative tech talent is only going to grow. Let’s face

Non-Techies Grasp The Cloud

This post is part of a series - 14 Business and Technology Trends to Look for in 2014.  Non-techie friends will understand the concept of cloud storage and the benefits of keeping their digital data in the cloud. I’m not suggesting

Staying Current in the Rapidly Changing World of Technology

Our clients hire us is for our knowledge and experience with leading-edge technology. Our consultants need a strategy for staying current with the latest technology advances.

Lean Product Development

The software product development world is changing due to many factors including fantastic and efficient tools (to build products much faster) and a solid infrastructure enabling different business models (internet, network, mobile, etc.). But another factor is lean product development.

Internet Makes The World Smarter

If there was ever an “industry” that was struggling to adopt and keep up with very significant change its education. From kindergarten to high school to college, technology-powered innovation is tempting institutions to change and adopt. Coursera will add fuel

Kaggle – Making Big Data Into A Contest

Centric’s BI practice has been working to polish skills in analytics, particularly in big data. Yet, our approach to better serving clients via purposeful skill development is simple compared to Kaggle. Kaggle is working to make Data Science a sport.

Eternal Truths

Oh boy, do I wish I could take credit for these, but all credit goes to Mr. David Akins, a professor at the University of Maryland. Well done. Thanks to Bill Klos for forwarding to me. My own experience validates