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Joe Hartsel

Joe Hartsel

Practice Lead | National Modern Workplace

Joe is one of three authors of our ebook “Go Beyond Email with Office 365: How to Drive Adoption of a Collaborative Digital Workplace.” An experienced IT and business consultant who focuses on helping organizations improve communication, collaboration, and productivity by aligning business drivers with technical solutions. A Microsoft Certified Sales Specialist and Technical Sales Specialist for Office 365 and SharePoint, Joe focuses on helping organizations increase employee engagement and maximize benefits.

How Energy & Utilities Organizations Can Build Effective Remote Team Collaboration

Remote and hybrid approaches have drastically changed how utility companies work. Here are three approaches you can use to improve the remote experience.

Email: Russia’s Secret Cyberweapon? How to Protect Your Company’s Intellectual Property and Digital Assets

We walk through a few steps to protect yourself and your employees from cyberterrorism groups, specifically looking at email security.

Outdated Tech Is a Non-Starter in the Hybrid World: 3 Ways to Start a Digital Transformation

Companies fail remote employees with outdated technology and poor support, reducing productivity and causing turnover.

Explore the Future of Cloud-Based Communications

Worried about Skype for Business Going Away? Don’t Be—Microsoft Teams Has Your Back.

How to Make Your Office 365 Implementation Project a Success

We answer questions we often hear from leaders about succeeding with their Office 365 implementation project in this blog.

Get Started With Office 365: More Than Email

In this excerpt from our ebook, we explain how to get started with Office 365 - beyond email - and why free tools aren't good enough.

Going Beyond the Intranet: Growing Engagement with the Digital Workplace

How do you enhance the company intranet to grow employee engagement and streamline processes? The answer is in the Digital Workplace.